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Immerse yourself in the warm ambiance of Provence. Located in the South of France, this region extends its territory from Valréas in the South of Lyon, to the Mediterranean Sea. It includes the magical area of Le Lubéron, the picturesque towns of Avignon, Saint-Rémy de Provence, Gordes or Arles. Numerous villages, concealing exuberant charm, still host artisans, fishermen, or shepherds. Let yourself embrace by the Provençal scent of lavender, the earth colors of Rousillon and the green tones of the olives that have inspired so many artists and visitors: Van Gogh, Césanne or Renoir have illustrated with their brushes the hilly countryside, the poet Mistral and the novelist Daudet have celebrated the natural wonders of the area, while movies like "Le Château de ma mère" or "Jean de Florette" have depicted the simple pleasures of life in small local villages.  


Provence Inspiration is inspired by this unique area of France, and the wonderful items that can be found there, most of which are made locally. Small shops and open-air markets reveal treasures that we are bringing to this side of the Atlantic to celebrate the natural and simple, but still elegant, French way of life in Provence. Bring home a piece of Provence and celebrate this eternal "art de vivre"!

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