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Rhune Basque  Tray

Rhune Basque Tray


This tray, with a beautiful shine, encapsulates the traditional basque fabric used for the table runners, between two acrylic shells. It comes in two sizes, a large one (14"x11") at $85 and a small one (14"x5") at $55. All trays are unique: the design and specific colors may vary within the same palette, depending on where the fabric is cut to create the tray..

  • Composition

    100% cotton enclosed in an acrylic shell
  • Color

    A mix of taupe, beige, light and charcoal grey
  • Origin

    Made in the Basque region of France

  • Care

    Wash with a soft sponge and soap. Do not immerse in water or wash in the dishwasher.
  • Design


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